My Space Hero Birthday Party from being 2 Years Old!

Hey Guys Brandon here!

I have been looking through my calender and have realised........... Its My Space Heroes Birthday Partay!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I decided to get as MANY people to come as possible!!!

Here are the details you need to know!

Date: 5th of May 2014

Time: 5:30pm United Kingdom, London (if from another country please don't hesitate to comment below so I can work out the time for you people and it does not matter WHEREVER you are! I will reply as fast as I can!)

Server is Dark Nebula Where????: My pad!!!! (10 mins) The Coast (10 mins) and the Plaza (10 mins)!

I need as MANY people coming! If you are certain that you will attend comment below!!!



  1. I don't see you anymore. It's like you're separating boundaries. (If y'know what I mean by that.) :C Just come on SHUBloggers anytime and I'd be happy.

  2. And btw I can't go. Floss is hacking my hero(Told by Tilly) & it's my Dad's b-day on the 5th of May.

  3. Hey Brandon!
    I hope this party is gonna be GREAT EXCITEMENT! My brother Justice Boy is having HIS birthday on the 6th of May ^_^ I'm making a gift for him in real life. Many May birthdays... But remember: Please include which galaxy the party will be hosted in, because people may go to Milky Waves but it was actually in the Dark Nebula. Can you tell me what time is it for Massachusetts, USA? New York is also fine because both are equal timing. Thanks and I look forward to participating!

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    1. What is this space hero birthday meaning? This is the day you created your hero? Idu (I dont understand) but no need to put Philippines time I have a world clock on my tablet showing the clock of London

  5. Around 3am in morning eesh but to be on good side come online 3am it's quite difficult to calculate it

    1. I think I can't attend x( Sorry Brandon! It's too late but Happy Birthday Anyway :DD

    2. Woops sorry my mum calculated it wrong it was a perfect time for u to come it was 1:30pm I didn't bother to look at World Clock I am so sorry Justice Girl.

  6. Happy Birthday Brandon! Unfortunately I wont be able to attend. Have a good time!

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    1. Hey Liam I can't see u on my ignore list it's a glitch I rlly miss u...,

  8. Happy Birthday Brandon!
    Uhm well im here to remind you that someone is pretending or using my name which is like bullying
    If your name is also lisa then plz change or add something on your user plz????!
    Also i don't really comment like that.AND BTW i returned to SHU and also returned commenting on April 26,2014
    Not being mean okay?Just telling the one who is pretending as me

  9. I am not sure coz the time in my country will be 10:00PM and also its a sunday so i could barely come but i'll try


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D