My Party-The Results

Hey space heroes, even though my party was quite a while ago I have decided to post some pictures from it.
The party was a HUGE success! It lasted for 45 minutes!
We started the party of at Justice Girls pad.
Then we played a short game of battle ball.
Then we went to Destiny Zorro's, Fantastic Ace's and Leo's pads.

After that we went for a short time to the bubble blaster Park.
Then we went to my pad. They got me over 999 likes! The party was supposed to end then but they wanted me to continue.
Then we had a quick bite at Astro's Pizza.
And at the end we fought the ferocious giant under water crustation.
Thanks to everyone who came! I had a great time. Here is a picture of most people who came.
Should I do another party like this? Tell me in the comments bellow.


  1. Thanks for mentioning all those awesome pics Superkid! :) I had so much fun late at 11:00pm that day! I also want to ask you if you want to contribute with my blog: If you would like to be an author (I know you're trustworthy so if you want, ask me by email if you want to be an administrator :) I have rules!) please contact me at ASAP! Thanks Superkid and party on!

    1. Sorry its taken me long to see this comment. You should end off all of your posts with 'party on'. Its catchy. I sent the email so tell me if you don't get it.


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