Galactic Fun Fair blasts off 2014

Hey space heroes the galactic Fun Fair has begun.Unfortunately there is no badge and the homepage isn't decorated. 

EDIT: Here are some of the awesome sporty makeovers and cool features that'll make you and your friends go crazy for! WOOHOO!

You can even obtain your own BALLOON :D

If you thought that was cool, there's also a Water slide, DUNK tank (my personal fav!) and an ice cream stall for you and all your friend to have some water-filled fun!

AND, I have a challenge for you all. Find atleast 10 candy goodies under tables, chairs, plants, to get an awesome surprise!

Make sure to check the party out while it lasts, because I'm sure it'll be ending sometime soon!

-Superkid, edited by Lillia


  1. I think this party was released during the holidays but I was so busy and way so much I hadn't even noticed XD but thanks SO much for posting this superkid :D


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D