Space Heroes Universe 2013 Video

Hey space heroes today is the 31st of December the last day of 2013 so I decided to release a video to commemorate 2013 in SHU. Here it is

What was your favorite party in SHU this year.
Comment bellow. Happy new year.


  1. Your video rocks Superkid! This year was an awesome experience and Space Heroes has been so fun for us! OMG! Its the end of the year! All the parties were so bubbletastic, stylitstic, heroatic, fintastic, santastic and spooktastic, i dont want them to pass by :( but a happy new year to all, and for the best, an AWELOT 2014!!!

    Justice Girl at :) Vist my blog for MORE info!

    1. Thanks! It was a big year for me because I started blogging about SHU and met all of you guys!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D