SHU In 'Mom's Choice Award' Mag!

YO YO Heroes! Lillia here,
Recently, Space Heroes Universe has made a FANTASTIC achievement... it's been featured in the one and only, 'Mom's Choice Award' Magazine, earning a prestigious silver award! WOO HOO! Congratz SHU :D

I recon this is gonna help SHU become more familiarly known across many different countries, and encourage even more amazing heroes who may end up being one of your bestest friends online :D I think this deserves an INTERGALACTIC HIGH-FIVE! Woot woot!

Comment what YOU guys think about this awesome achievement :) Click HERE for more info! ~Lillia

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  1. WOOT!! I can't believe it!! It's all the workin' of the fantastic Space Heroes Moderators! They were such caring and I dout that Space Heroes would be more famous all around the world. Hurray! Hurray!

    A complement to Lillia, Ann, and Choc for posting off the awesomeness! You've improved your blogging awesomeness. Hugs and pressies to Lillia that she's back from her trip - maybe you could tell me ALL about it some day...

    Go Space Heroes! You're the game that children enjoys, the game that helps people socialize and the game that can let people know other people's personalities so you know how you could reply to them. You rock!

    🙏🎁💝 Justice Girl the Space Heroes Universe Fan and supporter


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D