How to Level Up on SHU!

Heya, Lillia here! So many of you heroes ask, how on earth do I level up? The answer is simple... play SHU as MUCH as possible! The more times you log in and the more time you spend on the game, the more you level up. I've been told that if you log on and off heaps of times, you level up... but trust me, that could take FOREVER!

Level 25 is the last level, but there's more levels coming soon!


  1. Smart idea, Lillia!
    Wish I thought of this :P

  2. Look who's back.. but i dunno what to do T^T.

    1. OMG! Star!! You're back! Go on SHU right now and check out the pure awesomeness -I'm SO glad you came back :D

      Cool post of this Lillia! It is very handy for newbies to read and keep :) don't ever change your helpful personality!

    2. oh lolz.. xD ima be busy doin stuffs. but can come on shu anytime now


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D