Halloween Party... ONLY HOURS AWAY!

Heya heroes!
Have you guys noticed the SPOOKTACULAR new homepage on the official SpaceHeroes site? If you haven't, this is DEFFS worth checking out... cuz the new HALLOWEEN PARTY homepage has been released! Woo hoo, it's finally on its way! Personally this is one of my FAV parties of the year :D definately worth looking foward to! Check out this beyond-awesome spooky homepage makeover!
I dunno bout u guys... but I'm going CRAZAY with excitement here people! Also, to celebrate halloween the SHU Fansite is getting a creepy new makeover!! :)
Get excited heroes! ~Lillia


  1. OMG! I been waiting for days and days and I'm SO excited! I wonder what they might sell ^.^


  3. lol i cannot play halloween because someone suspended me fofr 72 hours
    ~Super Rambo

  4. Good things come to those who wait... :)

  5. XD its not hours away guys i checked LOL so sad

    1. Remember, we don't know much!
      So this party could come in minutes or days, we have no idea!

  6. Who is Hacking all of our poor heroes?

    I bet it is HWS (Trinity Black Star Hacker on Space Heroes). He knows all the accounts and even suspended every single hero in the plaza yesterday! I knew slightly a trick to dodge that glitch so me and my friend Lol survived :)

    If ever he does these glitches to you (make you knocked out of the universe), please be sure to click home QUICKLY, and wait for 5 minutes for the glitch to re-composite (break-down). Contact a Moderator (if they don't respond, contact me, Lillia, Choc, or Ann. We might know what to do :P)

    HWS's powers are:

    -Use Jetpack to glitch EVERYONE out of the room he and you are in

    -Play a mini game with you (if he does, click Play with Him but he won't play - so quickly, GO HOME!).

    -He has a black jacket

    -His level can be up to 999

    -He can blast you with Goo, Shink Ray, Ice Cubes, and Tornadoes (even though he's not a member)

    -He has NO EYES

    -He can say any Numbers, Red Words, and even Symbols

    -He can use the Jetpack glitch and when ALL heroes in that same room are suspended, he changes his name (sometimes) and acts like he isn't himself anymore.

    -The Legend
    -Trinity BSH
    -Trin HWS

    If you DARED to go to his house (which you SHOULDN'T even if your wacky buddies say its safe and fun!), you'd see nothing, nowhere, and gray dust of planets and stars.

    In the late afternoon, HWS even said, "Hey Justice! I remember you. Why are you telling your buddi3s to run away? and why are you still wearing that same villain costume? You cant disguise from me."

    Share this email to your friends and tell them a few facts about this randumb guy who's trying to suspend you all - he was more evil than Lord Shadowbot! :S

    Good luck ya'll, heroes!
    Justice Girl Spy Kid of the Year

  7. WELL idk if ur SPY KID OF THE YEAR but ur a pretty good one XD and yeah i met all those hackers WELL theyre all the same but for some reason when he did the jetpack glitch my computer didnt freeze or anything i could slowly still walk around EVEN THOUGH MY COMPUTERS A DESKTOP after that i starting back up going really fast and not lagging again SO idk HE IS REALLY MEAN if u talk to him on facebook BUT i unfriended him ALSO he gave a non member a moderator jacket and a ghost kritter SO hes flipped up now :P ~Amethyst Gemstone Princess birthday girl of tacos?


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D