About Cake Bake Blitz (Apple iOS!)

  YO Heroes, Justice Girl here with ANOTHER excitement about our new game (on Apple iOS), Cake Bake Blitz!

Cake Bake Blitz is a game where you can challenge characters to a game of cake baking, which you just slide a cake to match 3 or more other cakes. You can also play Cake Bake Blitz with other socializing people who have this app, and have Tango connected. 

Tips of baking a cake:
3 cakes: Power Match
4 cakes: Special Match
5 cakes: Festive Cookie

 Here's a quick pic of a cake I tried to bake xD 

I have found out many more fun experiences about Cake Bake Blitz App, and you'll totally love it every minute after you download this! :D I can't wait to share more of this next time! 

Happy baking + tasting! 

Justice :) 

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  1. Justice I didn't see ur post till now xD but I gotta say those are wicked tips :D thanks so much!
    And omg that cake looks delicious xD even if it's just a drawing ;)


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D