Costume Idea Membership Contest

Heya heroes! Lillia here :D
I just wanna celebrate the fact that the Space Heroes FASHION PARTY is coming soon, and so I've opened a membership contest for ALL you heroes out there! There will be two lucky heroes who win a one month membership card!

To win, you have to tell us a fashion idea for an outfit/costume to celebrate the upcoming party by commenting below! Remember to include your hero name, username, and idea! If picked, it will be designed by Chocolate and possibly Fizzablista, featured on the Fansite, ALONG with getting a one month membership code!

 Here's some examples of the outfits Chocolate created for Halloween! AWESOME RIGHT? Hopefully this has inspired you with some ideas :D
The winners will be chosen on the 15th, which is next week :D GOOD LUCK HEROES!


  1. my hero name is cool ace my user is updates and my idea is a uniform school in the up coming party

    1. my old name is zero and now im cool ace and for all heroes is a ice cream car costume and it cost:3400

      cool ace

    2. My hero name: pinkyrose Username: pinkyrose963 Ideas: hmm i think SHU have
      -Girls have some flower pin and gown glass shoes and costs 2000
      -Boys have some Hat they can pick color and like michael jackson's outfit and shoes and costs 2100
      -Aliens have hat or flower and then a red and black jacket and white shoes and costs 2000

    3. I just enter because October 2 is the date my membership expires

  2. Im not gonna enter for the membership but SHU should make a icecream costume :3

  3. Hi its molly im willing for the member ship username: jaydelle idea: bringing back the old things back ex: bow and flower and hair pins bring it back.

  4. My Hero name Before is izeeh but now is "Invisible Icy" my idea is:Maybe there will be new cool activities,funky and awesome Clothes,and new Hair style!!!and maybe there will be epic New Furniture of homepads!!!

    1. Sorrry this Is wrong!!!

      My hero name is:Izeeh

      My idea Is:Lets start with

      Girls:Will There will be new Hair And A new Hair pin and he Shirt will be Casual That has a belt and a shoes is a rubber Matbe it will cost 2000

      Boys:The dress will be A epic Ahmm the color will be Red,Green,Orange,Black....
      then he has A hat!!!and the pant Have two pucket on side!!!and it will cost

      Alien:Ahmmm the alien will have a a jacket that has a Belt of skull and then it has a Scarf!!! the shoes Will be Sneakers!!! Cost:2000

  5. My heroname Before is Izeeh But now is"Invisible Icy" will my idea is:i think There will
    be new Funky and epic Clothes Cause the party is Fashon party,new cool activities,awesome Hair ,and epic Furniture for Homepad....Thas all


    *I hope I Will Win :*)

  6. Hero name: Super Olivia SHU username: StellaSolaria2000

    Hello guys! If I were to make my own idea, I want the Space Heroes team to make a I like a Silk dress with the design of hearts, flowers and stars. It is like the length of the Ice Princess dress on the Halloween. With its own heart hairband. The Shoes is a high hills. Everything will be color pink :) Thank you and remember, this is the Stella that calls Lillia 'Lillz' :] And my real name is JEWEL

    1. But that's not all.. That's just for girls

      Boys: A cool Long sleeved shirt with ball designs on it. The pants will be a skinny jeans. It has a hat with the designs of balls on it, too! Everything will be color blue.

      Aliens: An underwear perfect for summer even thou it's not summer already. It will make it awesome with the design of swirls. A shorts with the length that is on your knee. It will be designed with swirls too.. And these costume will be color white. and I forgot, the swirls will be color black.
      This is still Jewel or Stella or Super Olivia.

  7. My idea for a costume (not entering since im already a member so I will let non members have a chance of entering but if I still enter you wont choose me because you already know that im a member but if you didnt know then this is why I am writing this that I am not entering and that I am a member)

    There should be a costume called the sparkle and it sparkles all the time and only is 10,000 gems (there isnt much of a use for gems)it has powers and the powers are when you hoot it sparkles the closest 3 people to the sparkle so many sparkly sparkle stuff sparkles sparkles sparkles UNICORNS

  8. i don't need to enter coz there is membership cards in the philippines... so good bye membership comps!

  9. my username:fontanilia
    thx ~susy

  10. my name is riza im a fan of this blog and im joining....

    I'm thinking of a costume of romeo and juliet it might be an awesome costume for the heroes out there.Juliet will have a long hair and a long gown and a high heels full of magic and a cone shaped hat with a tie on the top and for the boys is a handsome hair with a cape (of course heroes have capes) and a brave outfit and a prince shoes
    there are also bird costumes for heroes it might be the boys or the alien boys/girls and
    i think thats all
    the powers of the princess is small thunder and the boys powers are gum and the birds powers are thornado

    ~hope i win im just a new hero C=

  11. oh and ummm my user name is ryafaye (riza)

  12. hmm i think a taco costume would be suitable ive been asking for one since last week or the start of this week i even had taco girl for my super hero name during the hero party XD it would have meat powers you can shoot meat ;D!!! my second idea would have to be a POP STAR WE CAN HAVE FUZZY WOOL SCARFS AND GLASSES THAT ARE SHAPED LIKE STARS AND IT CAN HAVE GLOVES AND IT COULD SHOOT STARS OR IF THE EDITORS DONT WANNA MAKE ANOTHER POWER THAN I THOUGHT IT COULD BE THE SHRINKING POWER AND THEY SHOULD MAKE A FUZZY LITTLE CAT WITH A BOW ON TOP ITS HEAD!!!!!!!! thanks lillia my user name is batzmaru and my name used to be niki but nows it amethyst gemstone MY NAMES AMETHYST GEMSTONE XD!!!!! also a little other idea anime school uniform XDDD!!!!!!peace love tacos

  13. Hero Name : Luke ~ Username : Mcclane123 ~

    Idea's :

    For Boys A Shirt With Universe Logo On It with a color blue shorts and a cap with the universe logo and a red shoes on it and called " Fashion Universe"
    Another one for boys a Basketball shirt with a ball props on hands ( on homepad a basketball court )
    A Dress For King With A Crown
    For Costumes A Pie Costume And Pie Hat Costume With Awesomeness Design Or Waffles Costume and Waffles Costume With Awesomeness Design On It!

    For Girls A Pink Gown And A Pink Bow On Head , On The Gown Theres ColorFul Rainbow Glitters ,
    Another Is An Gown Color Purple With Ribbon Chocolate Designs And A Chocolate Bow On Head With A Chocolate Wand Who Blast Chocolates And Sparkling Chocolate Glitters and a sparkling Chocolate ring.
    Color Yellow Gown With Colorful Pink Flowers Designs with a headband with Pink Flower Design!
    A Dress For Queen With Crown
    For Costumes A Gown Pie Costume And Pie Hat Costume With Awesomeness Design Or
    Gown Waffles Costume and Waffles Costume With Awesomeness Design On It

    That's All My Ideas :D

  14. my User name is :XxpollyxX2 hero name is ummm ruby girl

    my idea is a witch costume and a fairy dress then last is jacket color pink with necklace

    1. then umm kritter costumes gown with crystal then the gown have the crown just any color of it a a dress made of flowers

  15. hero name:Super Rambo SHU username:agent7074
    can i enter it because i dont know how to take and design it

  16. hero name:Super Rambo username: agent7074
    my idea for a costume is too take all the costumes and make a funny joker costumes
    thats nothing but a stilt of a joker guys know that the costumes in the book has lots of powers but i am gonna make the powers wierdo

  17. Hero name: fmf
    username: popcorn0909jo
    Hi everyone! I had an idea to make an pizza costume! Whats it. Plz woot :D! In costume being SUPER pizza shirt, SUPER tomato hat, COOL olive shoes and AWESOME pizza bubble blaster! The pizza costume is called: pizza has plaza. Plz comment! Bye!

    1. With the jetpack and starjet! And a homepad furiture pack! It includes: pizza tv, pizza homepad and a pizza lamp!
      For all heroes: yes.
      Cost: 5600.
      Its most expensive! And a potato hairstyle!

  18. hi its Mohamed my idea is every month of course there is party to celebrate but how to make it epic here's the point!

    first its not about the costumes even the homepad and furniture

    its about the activates and make sure there is galaxy server full of heroes playing

    for example:

    ok lets talk about the costumes when the party start everyone well get happy and play and buy costumes and more...

    and then the next day you see the hero who buy costumes and he was playing and then he get bored!!!!! that's the point

    so if we put new costumes and new activates games you well see everyone online everyday!

    that's all and for your information I want everything good to shu so I love to play this game!

  19. can i show a picture of my ideas for my costumes they took SO long to make and my taco costume one is DA BEST!!!!! LUV U TACO FANZ ;D!!!!!!!

  20. Hero Name ~ Cold Heart

    Username ~ Cold12

    IDEAS (woot woot) ~

    A amazing CHEESE COSTUME! And maybe some cute animal costumes such as a tiger, sealion, or maybe even a glow! Imagine that! :D

  21. Awh Lillia I wish I could also help you guys with picking the membership competition winners :S I never get a chance to and I dont ask a lot. Can I please help ASAP? Just as you know, I'm already a member And I just wanna give some ideas about the upcoming party :D It's gonna be so funkysuperfunfashiontastic!

    (Gurls) costume name: "Groovy Glitterz" This costume is very fancy decorated and it should fit perfectly :)
    (Boys) costume name: "Kewl Kadz" This costume is very epic - all boys should buy it! :)
    (Aliens) costume name: "Rad Runnerz" This costume is very outstanding - don't forget to show it to your buds! :)

    LOL those coatumes' names are fashiontastic awesome!
    Good luck to all the awesome heroes who entered the comp!

    Tip: Make sure you think before you type your letters :D

    Stay cool!

  22. Hi Im Fizz Daredevil And here's My costume Idea Username:Violet405 Hero name Fizz Daredevil
    costume idea: cake hat pie suit pizza boots and a mustache XD im a non member

  23. Replies
    1. it only works in the UK I think

    2. im in Philippines and and it work

  24. i am the evil wizard and I will eat you ._.

  25. username: batzmaru

    hero name:amethyst gemstone

    my fashionable YET fun idea: HOW ABOUT A POP STAR COSTUME!!

    details: Okay so the outfit needs something pretty to make it unique so i thought HOW ABOUT A FLUFFY SCARF! now she cant be noticed or people will be asking her for AUTOGRAPHS ALL DAY LONG so she needs a cover up so how about some STAR GLASSES! she wants to stand out like no other she wants to make a FASHION STATEMENT so she wears a beautiful DRESS that comes in many different colors RED,PINK,LIGHT BLUE,GOLDEN YELLOW! now she needs to have just the right hat so when she DANCES all the heroes will see her GOLDEN TIARA SHINING in the club.

    cost: around 2500 coins maybe since the party will SHINE like a diamond they will use gems hopefully because GIRL IM LOADED WITH GEMS ;D

    after write: over all i think this idea was WAY too out of the making its too glitzy glammy for someone to make. FASHION OVERBOARD!!! PEACE FASHION-HEROES! ;P LUV YA PEACE LOVE TACOS!!!

  26. Hero Name: Christine
    Username: Christine9999

    Idea: I suggest for the girls: An awesome shimmering purple jacket, a shirt with a guitar icon on it and a skirt with three colours, blue, pink and white and she is wearing a pink bracelet.
    Boys: Black jacket with fire design on it, hot red and yellow shirt with a space heroes logo on it, and a blue jeans.
    Alien: A neon green and blue cap, green shirt with a UFO icon on it, black jeans.

  27. LOL I JUST WANNAS SAY NEW CODE IS TOXIC99 LOL SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. hello i liked the costumes but you have to change i mean the costumes for girls is dresses and high heels and long hair who the girls like and also the girls likes the short dresses which is tight dress and for boys clothes men and man shoes and for aliens something weird costumes just like them thats all im talking about the upcoming party which the fashion party

    and about the halloween party is

    the girls of course scary dresses and zombie make up and for the girls who likes always something cutie and pink here pink dress and of course there must be cool wings and pink with the dress and tiara and magic stick just like princess

    and for boys its about all the scary things xd there must be zombie costume for boys and absorber of blood costumes and more scary costumes

    and for aliens ummmm i dont know XD im really sorry but i dont

    i dont want game card im already a member!

    thats all

  29. I'm not entering the contest even I'm not a member I'm not interested to it.. and if i enter i know i will lose

  30. Hero name:Gracely Username:darkgrace1897
    Ideas;For girls-Any kind of color and its'a varsity jacket,and the bottom is short skirt (Purple) and the at the back of the varsity jacket is the logo of the Space Heroes (A little small logo for the Space Heroes) And the shoes will be Converse Shoes (Black)

    1. And In front of the Varsity jacket is a medium logo of;Ace,Kira,glows,kritterz,Sparky,Zed,or Professor Q.

    2. Oh and for aliens and boys-varsity (The same as i told u) and the bottom part will be the grey pants,the shoes will be converse (black).And one more thing...the head wear of the girls is a headband with a ribbon (any color)

  31. Hero name: Marionne
    Username: Marionne442

    Hey, i just want to say i want to get that membership, cause i dream in fashion in the game, i wish i have that membership hmph... *Feels sad* I wish i would won Hmph............. pls let me win i love my dream in fashion, pls...... pls....... i love to be MEMBER, i'll help somebody, If the dress is okay! Hmm I'm totally sad.

  32. hello. i am Hanun , my username is hanun. and my idea is a graduation costume. creative,right ? tomorrow i just graduated :)

  33. hero name: Sophia Zara
    username: natashazara
    a hip hop black hat,a black
    leather jacket, a pink or blue or green t shirt,for the girls a black frilly skirt and the boys a belt and black jeans.and the girls have a ponytail or a long curly hair.
    and the shoes are any color that matches the shirt(boots).and last but not least, sun glasses!

    Also another good outfit (for girls) would be a geek outfit. some glasses and a jean jacket with a t shirt (neon) with a skirt(neon).then some high socks andsome sneakers(neon).

    hope you like my ideas!

  34. hello .. i am Hanun .. my username is hanun
    My idea is a black graduation costume with black square hat and white shoes.
    I hope you like my idea ! thanks

  35. Heroname:princess username:yunahero
    here's my idea
    for girls it will have awesome hair doo,popstar dress with a ribbon on the top left and some awesome high heels and the glasses will have a star and a small logo on the top right
    for boys of course they will have an handsome hair and an superstar outfit and awesome rubber shoes and the glasses should have a small logo on the top right

    for alien heroes they will be a curly hair an awesome jacket and super cool rubber shoes and on the top of the glasses should have a writen sticker called space heroes universe

    and of course i will never forget at the back of their outfits they will have a logo of space heroes universe then for the girls theirs is not on the back... its on the front

    Thanks!I'm new!

  36. name-gwen1001
    now my name-sofia avalanche
    my idea-a red jacket and whit shirt,and from the rock n roll the boys hair(for boys)
    for girls-the black jacket and heart shirt with the short hair of starswith cooling glasses with a hat
    i hope u like my ideas
    so thx
    and pls reply back

  37. hi
    now my name- sofia avalanche

    for boys-red jacket with long white shirt,and cooling glass,a belt and long black pants,
    with putt-putt hair or spikey hairwith black shoes

    for girls-a sleevless shirt written SPH on it,with shorts and a belt,short socks a sneakers with short hair with stars on it

    i hope u all like my ideas
    pls do reply back

  38. hi

    for girls-sleevless shirt with shorts and a belt with short socks and sneakers and short hair with stars on it

    for boys- red jacket with long white shirt and a cooling glass with belt,with shoes and putt-putt hair or spikey hair

    aliens can use anything from my ideas and i hopr u like it
    pls do reply back

  39. Username: marionne442
    name: marionne
    I want to make to make a sparkling dress gown and Maid dress with sparkles and Jacket with styles
    best of all! Rainbow costume and new gown dress and the shoe high heels medium , and i have so many ideas i wish i could send you a pic!

  40. i have the best idea in universe a costume that has headphones a bottle then bling like a rapper

  41. name in shu:super rambo username:agent7074
    my idea is to take the secret agent costume making that phone into a octopus then the agent eye glasses should be sunglasses and the agent costume should be a octopus squid better make the things what i said lillia and making the agent neck into a necklace of sr means super rambo

  42. Hello, my hero name is Kelly

    my idea for coustume is Minecraft :D there could be creepers that is holding a pixaxe and for the powers the pixaxe throws out green jelly that cost 4000 coins
    My other idea was a devil one that will have devil wings that are red and black outline and a cape that is black and have a petglow the new kritter can be a wolf that have cute eyes but have good protection XD holding pitchfork on their hands blasting out fire maybe? that cost 9000 coins the fire power get them slow and a long tail that is red and black and white devil shows thx.

  43. My Name Is Juan My Username Is juan11990carlo
    And My Idea Is An Witch Dress Super Hero Suit Invite Suit And Agent Suit And Mermaid Suit Thats All.

  44. My name Max and user is josh444 i think should of mummy oufit with toliet paper!

  45. Ok guys! its the last day for entries, get them in ASAP before the competition closes! good luck to you all heroes!

    1. Fizz, it's already 16th of the September. Why you're not declaring the winners yet? I was so so so so so so so so so so so excited about it except if I have 1% chance to win. So please please please please please please please please say who are those winners. And hurry designin' those costume on a banner. Now, are you done yet? I'm Jewel or Stella or Super Olivia.

  46. my name is GeronimoSti I am experienced player I have pbj band I like wearing them the most!!

  47. hero name:super secret
    i never become a member in shu i wish i won

    1. you need your idea, dude. If you have no idea, I'm sure just 50% you had the chance to win. :(

  48. My name is Emma, my username is justicegirl8, my idea is a pumpkin outfit with no shoes and an orange body that looks like a pumpkin. It has a little green hat.

    My second idea is a ghost. It will have a white sheet on top of it with black holes for eyes.

    1. My Hero Name is actually Justice Girl.

    2. You are PrincessJade07 who copied the true Justice Girl first created on SHU. And you totes forgot about me here? My name is actually the 'real' Justice Girl and I believe in Justice! I protect and rescue the glows. Do you believe in Justice??

    3. Emma knows me, her user Justice Girl is fine :D

  49. and im back cool ace the jacket that is sign littlespaceheroesfansite thats all


    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. hero name: guy fawkes (now super duke)
    username: mrpiss100 my big brother done it like tht
    You could have a costume like an animal or tv character for example a wolf or ben 10 or something like tht p.s. im 17 and i got the ben 10 idea from my little brother

  52. today is 16th.. who's the winner? :/

  53. my username is leandre12345 my hero name is leandre and my idea is that the costumes should be a zombie and a princess like beauty and the beast andmy second idea is that it should be a ghost and witch and they all should cost 150 coins

  54. 150 coins?
    na toooo cheap btw im crystal cool and my idea is tht the girls should have a costume tht shows the shoulder which says cool and a cap tht is backwards. tht would be realllly coooool btw the pants should be black and the shoes same colour as should blast disco balls lolllll haha


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D