Cherry Credits SHU Membership Email!

Hey heroes! Lillia here :D
It was discovered that not long ago, Space Heroes Universe sent out a new email promoting 'Cherry Credits'! If you guys don't know what this is, well it's basically a card that can be bought in Asia (AND even more countries) that can be used to buy Space Heroes Membership! If you guys wanna know more about Cherry Credits click HERE! Anywayz, here's the email :D
Cool huh? If you're able to get Cherry Credit cards, you're in luck because you have the chance to get PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for all sorts of exclusive things on SHU! What do you heroes think? What other cards do you guys think would be suitable to buy SHU membership with? 
Hope to see you guys online! Peace out! ~Lillia


  1. Yeah yeah space heroes virtual world cherry credits PayPal

  2. Thanks you guys!! Means a lot :D hehe
    I know that SOOO many heroes in these countries have been wanting SHU game cards for so long... and now they finally have a chance to get it at the shops! (even if it isn't that actual game card) :P so exciting

  3. what about 4 people in italy and germany and all the other contries?

  4. hmp no cherry credits in where i am in the philippines!(luzon)
    grrrrr next time?


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D