Ultra Rare Black Balloons!

 Hey secret agents! Justice Girl here with a Secret Agent Party sneak peek! 

As you know, I have been away for a week (I went on a cruise trip to Bermuda). So I wasn't active and I couldn't use any Internet while I was at the trip :S BUT now I'm back with relief! 

And also on another side, I have hosted a birthday party for all heroes and we have a video of the party too (Credit to Lillia for filming it :D)! If you didn't attend it, it's ok we have a lot more parties to look forward to!

Anyways for the S.A.P. have you noticed that the mods are givin away some ultra rare black balloons?! Well check this out tweeted by the team:

TOP SECRET POP UP PARTIES! Play Space Heroes Universe & you might find a secret party with ultra rare black balloons!

Isn't that cool?! I'd be so happy if I could get one :D Comment of what you think of this and if you've gotten one of these balloons before! Stay tuned for more cool stuff from Space Heroes Universe!

~Justice Girl ;)


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D