Secret Agent Party OVER!

Hey guys! 
Just wanted to make an official post that the secret agent party is now OVER! It was soo much fun, and I'm gonna miss it! But I'm sure it'll be back for next year :)
So guys, what was YOUR favourite part of the Secret Agent Party? For me, it'd be blasting away at those pesky nauts with my friends, suiting up in the most wicked secret agent outfits, and zooming around in dah coolest starjet ever! Stay tuned for even MORE epic SHU parties, and the down-low on all the Space Heroes Universe exclusives!
Till next time heroes :D ~Lillia


  1. Secret Agent Party is hard work for the mods! Thumbs up for them :D i'm so glad they hosted this! My favorite part of the party is heading off to space and blasting the nauts back to their home! Taking pics with my friends was an awful lot of fun - I won the 20,000 coins W00T!
    BTW I saw both of your emails you emailed me like yesterday or a day earlier Lillia but I was too busy to reply :D I know you were at school waiting for some o' your friends and you'd have a bit of time to chat with me! Now I have time to spend with you!! Let me say that I invented the longest word I would say to you: SupercaligrafragileBFFmostawesomeandepicthatImetyoubecauseIenjoyedallofyouandthatIhavetorememberyoualwayssodonteverneverchangeandbefantabulousatalltimesofyourwholelovinglife!! xD Lillia that's for today! Laterz and I hope you have a great weekend. Yours truly, ~Justice!

    PS. Here's a lil' something for you, choc, ann and fizz :P it's for you guys for being so helpful and kind to others!
    "Cherish yesterday, Live today, & Dream tomorrow". ;)

  2. You said bad ass

    1. Yup she did I think everyone else can see that

    2. Yep and that doesn't mean Lillia is mean out there, she just means it was so fun and extreme! You rock Lillia ;D


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