Play Space Heroes on your iOS device or tablet!

YO HEROES!! Lillia here!
If you're in the mood for a bit o' Space Heroes fun and adventure, but don't have a computer or laptop handy, there's an alternative way to play! One word: PUFFIN! It's an app that you can get on iTunes or the Google Play store, for your tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, etc. that'll allow you to play SHU on it! Best of all, it's FREE! It is rather slow though, so if you want it faster get the puffin paid version! It's the one I use :D

They've recently added a sweet new 'Puffin' banner under the homepage. Check it out here:

Once you've downloaded it on your device, for example an iPhone, this is how it'd look! (Get the paid version if you want a faster game!)

Cool huh?! So, what do you guys think? Are you gonna test out SHU on this awesome new app? Comment if you have any problems or questions :)
Till next time heroes! ~Lillia


  1. ive allready played shu on puffin free version but if it runs out you need to delete the app then ree get it then you get it forevah! ~XD~ ~Bebe~

  2. Hey Lillia :D can you check your email? Sent you some. And I love the pics of the new Puffin thing :)

  3. Hello :)
    Ummm I have a problem downloading it just doesnt want to download on my ipad

  4. OMG, I have been waiting for something like this!! :D
    I sent in feedback to shu a long time ago for this and it's finally here! c:

  5. Space Heroes Universe on iPad YAY! Virtual World


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D