Upcoming SECRET AGENT Sneak Peeks!

Hey guys :D Lillia here!
So, I know some of you guys have been dying to see a sneak peek pic of the upcoming party -the Secret Agent Party- and you guys are in LUCK! The Space Heroes Universe moderators have decided to let us in on some spoiler pics of the party!! Here's the tweet:

Are you excited or what?! I sure am! Get pumped for some party spoilers, and stay tuned for more Space Heroes Awesomeness! 
~Lillia :)


  1. hey its like scooby doo we gotta find the clues for the secret agent party lol!

  2. I saw that tweet! I know this party is gonna be so awesome! Gifted post Lil ;)

  3. Can't wait! :D When is the party???


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