Massive Background Update!

YO YO Heroes! Lillia Here,
Okay, so I know SO many of you guys have been super duper excited for the Secret Agent Party, and that it's gonna come after this SUPER massive update! WELL... about that, I've got some sad news for you all! The massive update going down on SHU at the moment is NOT the Secret Agent Party... it's actually just a 'Massive Background Update' (as informed by Lol) just to make Space Heroes Universe safer and secure, and fix some possible bugs!
But NEVER-FEAR! Cuz the Secret Agent Party is still on its way, and will be released sometime in August! Besides that, I wanna appologize to you guys in advance, cuz I'll be leaving on a 2 week camp starting Friday! There won't be internet there, so I won't be active during that time :) I'll miss all you awesome heroes!!
PEACE OUT! ~Lillia :D


  1. I'm so happy and so sad!! You know that, right?

    Happiness: Oh my god oh my god oh my god *cough the party is released sometime in AUGUST?! Oh my god oh my god!! SO HAPPY IT'LL BE NEAR MY BIRTHDAY WOOT!! Aaand it will be a loving gift for my birthday! I'm also glad you are not away for a month :') I never wanna miss my friend! But I have to for the next 2 weeks!

    Sadness: Noooooooo!! You'll be away this Friday for 2 weeks?? And you won't have internet?? :o But it's good that you will stay away from electronics :) and camping means days full of outdoor fun!

    By the way will the membership competition end during the camping week? If so, who will post that who won? Can I also help and fill Lillia's spot so I can work for her? I won't be that busy for the 2 months :) but I will near my birthday... :O! Lillia!! Will you be back before my birthday party? I don't want you to miss it though!!!!!! Nooooooooo

    1. aww, I'll miss ya so much Justice! And yeah sure, you can help fill up my roll on the site while it's gone :) and BTW it's true I won't have internet or anything! BTW, lemme know the date of ur bday again sometime so I know I didn't mess the dates up :P I sure hope I won't be away during that time!
      hope to talk to ya soon!!

    2. The date is on August 11th. Hope you can make it!
      Go girl!


  2. Lillia go to my site by clicking my name cause you will see my bIog has new stuffing in it.

  3. Hey Lillia,You might wanna post the Game cards are going to the PHILIPPINES!! And BTW--im excited about the game cards are coming in the Philippines!! :))
    P.S.-Im from the Philippines! =)

  4. Hay! Lisa here!
    I just wanna tell the others who don't know this but here it is
    Membership Cards are coming to the Philippines SOON!Thanks for telling the mods NICO! (He's my BFFF)yea thats right its bfff
    And sweet im a filipino!
    I'm sorry if it hurts u but i am not joining comps by then coz i will just buy!
    Warning!:I'm not saying bad words or something but u can translate this to google translate so here it is...

    salamat mga moerators sana marami pa kayong matulungan :)


    1. I posted about the membership cards coming soon just to let you know ;) i'll be working for Lillia a bit!

    2. Do you mean nico pedrigal? he is very evil!! even kylea hates him!!
      He will act good to you then he will turn bad!!

  5. your welcome! uy magandang umage sa inyong lahat !!!

    1. salamat isabella at magandang umaga/hapon/gabi rin! :D


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