MAJOR Updates!

Heyy heroes :) Lillia here!
As you can probably tell, SHU Fansite has had a couple of AWESOME updates! One of them being the fact that it's now has a domain!! ( and I just wanna say a big shoutout to Cozzza and Lol, cuz without their help this site wouldn't have a domain at all! YOU GUYS ROCK :D
Anyways, I really hope you like the updates :D Comment what you guys think about it!

...In addition to all this awesomeness, Space Heroes Universe has created another sweet banner for the Galactic Sports Party, which you can check out through your emails! Once again, the SHU artists have done an AMAZING job!
What do you guys think?! And what party do you  hope for next?! The SHU team have LOTS in store for us, including the 'Secret Agent Party' which I'm super excited about :D
Thanks for reading! ~Lillia


  1. Hehe! As you said, Lillia, I'm also a SHU artist! I'll be drawing more additions and ideas for my friends to stare, and for mods to think. In thinking about the next party - I made up a fascinating party called the Daring Quest Party (DQP) what will it be? Maybe I'll make a hero that is disguised as a villain but really is a hero! What will her name be?

    It's gonna be really fun adding additions to the next party - I wish that the Galactic Sports Party was very fun to every hero in the universe :D and of course, this party made everybody feel excited again about SHU. Hope the mods will get to agree on my idea in the next party... It's gonna be daring!! That's why it's called the Daring Quest Party!

    1. Every hero? Heck no. we didn't get anything. -A Non-member, that is yet still hated for winning something.

    2. aww you're not hated for winning, and those who DO should be ashamed, cuz you had the right to it just as much as everyone else :)
      And Justice you're TOTALLY right! Infact, ur drawings are so awesome I might even feature yours and a couple other's on my blog soon ;) Keep up those awesome SHU gaming ideas, cuz they ROCK!! :D

  2. Web Name
    SHU lisa
    CP lisa51079
    AJ QwERtyZY
    Moshi lisa51079

    Just Sayin'

    1. You know violet2sweet? She's my sis :3

    2. SO do I!
      Wait, who are you?

  3. Wow I totally LOVE the new domain and the updates!
    You DEFINITELY outdid yourself with this one!
    You GO girl ;D

    1. LOL thanks so much choc, but it's really my friends who helped me through it all! :) And I'll do what ever I can to help any of you awesome bloggers out there!


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