Get a Purple Pupki Now!

That's right everyone, Space Heroes upgrade, when you buy a member today. You will receive an extra bonus pet called Purple Pupki. This pet is extremely rare.

Now what's are you waiting for? Get your Purple Pupki now.

What's do you guys think? Comment below!



  1. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera13 June 2013 at 16:36

    Not fair! I want that Purple Pupki I started being member since last year so HOW WILL I GET IT!?

  2. It is kinda unfair. But too bad... the Space Heroes team just released that so the heroes who buy membership TODAY and so on get cooler things!

    Sigh... but it's just a purple pupki...
    P.S Sally remember you said you own all future items on SHU? Lol, but no one does...

  3. EPIC POST!! This is sure an awesome surprise for those heroes getting membership this month! xD

  4. Cool sadly i wasnt at the party i was busy. But im like a big fan of space heroes. Everything happens on shu everyday and uguys need to know so if u have a spair spot for the authurs can u put me in.


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D