Cake Bake Blitz

Heya heroes! Lillia here!
Okay, so this post is sorta late, but only cuz I was working on an EPIC header for the blog :) so hope you guys like it! ANYWAYZ... the Bubblegum Interactive team (masterminds behind SHU) have been working on a SWEET (literally xD) new game called Cake Bake Blitz! And when you hear about it, I think you'll agree that it's gonna be a MASSIVE hit ;)
In cake Bake Blitz, you can compete against some of the famous pastry chefs in the world to claim some badly needed money and rebuilt the bakery's reputation! You even get to head to places like Brazil, Australia, New York, Paris and maybe even MORE for a cake bake off! Here's some of the characters and chefs you'll battle against!
Big Tony Tiramisu                                                 Dame Pavlova
                     Magnifico                                           Katy Cupcake

I hope I've convinced you guys this app is TOTALLY AWESOME right?! It isn't released yet, but I'll post when it is! Get excited heroes, this looks like a bunch of fun! :D It'll be released on Android and iOS! Don't forget to comment what YOU guys think bout it ;)
Till next time! ~Lillia :)


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D