UK only promo code (BOXOFAWESOME) kritter!

YO guys :D it's Justice Girl!

As you already know, you've heard about the promo code BOXOFAWESOME...
When you enter it (it only works in UK), it gives you gifts - coins and a red pupki as shown below:

Isn't it awesome?? I hope there will be more codes coming soon!

BTW check this out :D

- Justice Girl ;)


  1. no it is not awesome why it only works in uk im from france and it not working

  2. LOL aren't the new kritterz so cute?!
    Epic post justice, and omg! Love that last pic xD
    Kira is my fav :P GIRL POWER!!

    1. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera (The Future Rare Owning All Stuff in SHU! A HAHAHAHAH!)19 May 2013 at 13:15

      Lillia I wish I own all Rare Stuff it makes people rich who own all Rare Stuff like the Beta Things.....errr i'm not a Beta! CRIES!

    2. Me too....Super Ann is a beta hero i wish i could be her D:

  3. Tricia Charlemagne M. Villegas (lisa)19 May 2013 at 19:21

    Those kritters looks cute.....they're so super cute!!!i pormised my self before that i will get all things for non-members even rares nor betas but just now for 1nce i lost one D':

  4. Hey! If i'm a mod i'd be doing amazing stuff!! LOL... I really know you guys want these cute cuddly kritterz! I want them too! BUT soon there would be new promo codes for... ALL HEROES AROUND THE WORLD!!

  5. ooh nice in the pic with my red pupki next to super sonic guess who am i
    clues: im fan of the week on my other hero
    i wear the villan suit most of the time
    and some hacker went on lillia and deleted me and Olivia
    and im Olivia's best friend and olivia is a member in level 20 and im level 20 as well
    oh and if u want to know who olivia is shes super sonic's sis
    wow alot of clues in it and im in the pic and im a girl member

  6. QUEEN? LUCY? hehe

  7. uh Lucy thts me guessed it right xD


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D