Special Offer For New Members!

Yo party heroes!

Something purple, cuddly, and cute is out there! Upgrade to a membership by June 9th...

You will get a rare pet pupki like this:

So that's the purple, cuddly, and cute rare pet pupki for the new members by June 9th! Aaand what do you guys think of that?

Comment below! -Justice Girl :P (banners below are just for fun XD)


  1. hehe that's awesome Justice! BUT let's try keep all the graphics on the graphic page :P it makes the blog a lot more organised that way :) EPIC POST!

    1. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera2 June 2013 at 19:00

      Lillia I started buying a membership last year can I still get it?

  2. justice girl this is marshalee, wheres my name :(

  3. Fatiha XD(Lucy)3 June 2013 at 08:29

    ooh im friends of justice
    im not and imposter Lucy I'm the Member one XD

  4. ok im not feeling well everyone always forgets me...
    justice why did u forget me?ur my friend i have a friends tree in my home i wrote my friends my bffs and ur on the bffs list..but why did u forget me?:'( :( D:

  5. ok my mistake XD!XD! i was there!sorry over reacting on home!well yesterday im a maid (its a theater) im always crying on there lolz and i sang tomorrow i almost forgot it but i still won 2nd place :D at least i got a place :D

  6. Replies
    1. Christine, I didn't put ALLLLL my friends on the friends of justice list! I put a few I can remember! It's OK because in fact, you are the one I'm gonna put on next on my next banner! And it's coming soon... Called "Spending Some Time"

      Cross your finger - you will be up there!

  7. NIce post Justice I really LIke your post

  8. Nice post justice thanka for adding me there ur nice :) YO HEROES IS ME VIOLA SORRY I WAA QUIT ON SHU BUSY AT SCHOOL AND MY BFFS I MISS U ALL!!!!!!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D