SHU Jam-Packed with Epic Updates!

HEY GUYS! Lillia here!
I haven't posted in a while, cuz I've been SOO super busy with school :/ and now I'm back, I have LOTS of epic exclusives to share with you guys :)

FIRSTLY, Space Heroes Universe are about to release their new Galactic Times newspaper! ZOMG!! I think the new newspaper'll hit around the time the Super Hero party starts :)

And FINALLY, (maybe even most exciting of all!) the SUPER HERO PARTY! I've heard that it may hit SHU by TOMORROW! (cross your fingers guys!!) so get excited, cuz there's HEAPS in store for this week :) 

Oh, and one more thing! My awesome friend SuperKid discovered a real sweet feature that may be released soon too.. check out this tweet!

What do YOU think about all these awesome-packed updates?! I know I'm totally SPAZZTIC with excitement!! xD ~Lillia


  1. OH MY GOD! HOW CAN I DESCRIBE MY EXCITEMENT!! I WANNA EXPLODE!! :S HEY LILLIA, I sent you lots of gmail emails :/ reply please :D Thanks for saying my artwork never fails YOU'RE THA BIGGEST FAN EVERYBODY LOVES!!

    1. LOL SORRY, I've been so super busy! I'll check my gmail right now xD though sorry if I don't get to all ur emails, I get like A HUNDRED EMAILS A DAY O__________O

  2. I can't wait for the Party :D

  3. yup this is the life Im gonna get a super hero and a villan hmmm IDK WICH ONE! WOOT GOOD IMA MEMBER BETTER XD.... i just wanna party!

    Fatiha XD(Lucy)


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