New Promo code

Hi heroes,
SHU just released a new promo code! Yes that is right! I NEW promo code!
This code gives you 500 coins.
The code is

What are you going to do with your new coins?
Comment below,
Party On Heroes,


  1. MAKEITRAIN is the new code
    credit to them :D

  2. Hey :( I was about to post that there was a new promo code!! I never get to post any new promo codes!! Ugh... so if I were you cozzza, I would say the promo code out loud - MAKEITRAIN! I know why that's the new promo code because I checked the weather channel and typed in Sydney Australia. It happened to rain there that minute. I wish I had posted this new promo code >:( grr... I want to!!!

    1. I Justice girl.
      I would like to say that you need to post fast.

    2. Don't get sad about it Justice Girl there is more things that you can post and nice post Cozza

    3. lol guys, don't worry about it! :3 I have sooo many authors in this blog there's probably gonna be a BIT of competition, even for ME! And if you can't post something in this blog there'll always be others :) you guys are both AWESOME!!!!
      Peace out xD

  3. Now the like is changed to the code?

  4. Well the coins is few WELL I WISH I COULD STAY IN UK!! juicy gossips! well the code is BOXOFAWESOME THT THING :S i can enter tht code!!
    Well peace out heroes!! :D SURPRISE LOL!!

    ~Bubblegum the non member

  5. Hi i wish im a author nice post cozza lillia why ur author list full ?

  6. Because she's soooooo busy :( she's a poor thing and I wish I could meet her in new life - BY THE WAY I'm NOT an ugly person in life XD I wanna meet Lillia Ann Fizz and Choc! I saw a pic of them already!

    There are more answers... cross your fingers and you'll be an author someday!

    Why is everybody BUGGING Lillia to be an author? Omg Lillia you are such a gift

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