Invite Friend Button Is Gone?!

Hey Space Heroes.

Batman is here. Today while I was checking Space Heroes, I notice the "Invite Friend" button is gone. Did they toke it out or not? Mystery.....

Space Heroes Galaxy

What's do you heroes think? Will it return? Comment below!


  1. I hope the 'Invite Friends' button comes back! But you can still invite friends by clicking the mailbox in the Plaza. It's near Starstruck...

  2. I know.The button is not there for me too!

    Stark and Ielin

  3. I cant Its Really Gone Justice I Tried To Click it But It wont Open : |

  4. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera14 May 2013 at 12:54

    Yeah it happened to me too the Mailbox can't open maybe someone put glue on the Mailbox opening door

  5. The Invite Friends button was missing agers ago!

  6. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera18 May 2013 at 13:16

    We better tell the Mods about this cause I wan't to invite friends to have the RARE BLUE PUPKI (A HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) joke about the laugh


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D