Pixel Awards Trophy!

HEY GUYS! Lillia here!
As you all probably know, the Space Heroes Universe cartoon and my blog (SHU Fansite) was nominated in the pixel awards, and SHU became the victorious winner of the animation genre in 2012! (well, you can't be surprised xD) and I wanna say a MASSIVE shout out to the artists and team of Space Heroes Universe, for this awesome achievement! Click HERE if you wanna find out more about the pixel awards :)
AND, for the moment you've all been waiting for... an peek at the trophy they received  just yesterday! WOO HOO!
AWESOME RIGHT?! I think it'll make an awesome addition to the SHU office :D 
And, cuz the Fansite was nominated we received a free T-shirt! :)

Now, that was one SERIOUSLY EPIC POST!!!!! So exciting :D I can't wait for so many more awesome awards that Space Heroes Universe is yet to win! I think this deserves a SERIOUS CELEBRATION! :D so click HERE for a kewl little celebration song  in addition to all this awesomeness! :)
PEACE OUT HEROES! And comment what you think about all this! ~Lillia :)


  1. The wait for the trophy and t-shirt were totally worth it!! CONGRATS GUYS :D


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D