Another Sneak Peek Of Episode 2!

As we all know, Episode 2 is coming soon! The episode name is(For all of you who don't know)"Rumble In The Jungle". Here a sneak peek post from @PlaySpaceHeroes on Twitter.

I'm so excited for the episode. Aren't you? 
What's do you heroes think? Comment below!


  1. Everything the Space Heroes Universe moderators do,
    we deserve it!

  2. lilia our computer cant open shu so i cant make the website of shu sports so im sorry if u waited long but this time i will solve this problem

  3. WHOA COOL! Thanks so much for posting batman this is awesome news :D

  4. (okay this comment is for Mix Up Max cuz for some reason the reply button isn't working at school ARG)
    Hey max, sorry I really can't do much, BUT I recommend clearing ur cache (if you don't know how check it up on google :D) or try another browser! ALSO, let SpaceHeroesUniverse know by emailing them at kay? They'll be able to help you too!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D