New Badges Page Layout coming soon!

Hey heroes,

Yesterday, space heroes posted a picture on Twitter of an upcoming layout on the badges page, this is really cool!
Finally it will be easier now to earn badges becouse there will be tittles of what badges are earned in what games!

What do you think about this? Comment!

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  1. That looks Terrific!

  2. yeah IKR! SHU is always coming up with awesome ways to improve the game :D
    I wonder what's NEXT!

  3. whos stamp book is that?

  4. Cool!! now heroes will know how to get the invitation suit!! and won't ask me again!!!! wee pee! but wait a second!!!! is the name badges only for game badge orr for every badge??

  5. the badge have so many glitch like thousand hair cut i got a badge but the other one say 100 hair cut so strange...............


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D