Dive-tastic Kritterz!

YO YO heroes! Lillia here!
Have you EVER wanted to dive down to Dive Spot or the Abyss with your kritterz, and team up against the giant lobster? Sounds pretty fun right, cuz now IT CAN BE DONE!! :D There's a fantabulous new update to the Kritter catalog! Check it out...

AWESOME RIGHT?! Now either one of these kritterz can join you for some dive-tastic fun underwater! Comment what YOU heroes think about this, and what sorta powers you'd love your kritterz to have NEXT! 
Thanks for reading! ~Lillia


  1. LOVE IT LILLIA!! I wish those spectacular crazy cute little kritters could have one golden rule with their powers! I don't care if anyone has a power for kritterz. But I'd REALLY wish that all kritterz could have the ability to attack... ;)

  2. :( BUt Its For Members Only:(

  3. Yup but every heroes knew that kritter diving accessories i wish they r for non members :(

  4. LILLIA! GOOD NEWS, I HAVE A NEW EMAIL!! XD My new email is Linmuryu@hotmail.com so when i send you anything ( like fanart ), if you wanna reply please reply to my new email! A LALA MOO HOO HOO HAHAHAHA!! XD


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