Bubble Bunny Party

Hey heroes! Chloe here
Just today there was an amazing update! Today is the Bubble Bunny Party! Here are some of the party updates.
First you would get this new Bubble Bunny Party 2013 badge
The next thing that you would see is the EPIC new decorations! Even the bubble blaster park is decorated.

And the best part is the Easter egg hunt. To get all 20 eggs you have to go through objects then if your lucky you will get eggs.

Comment on what you think about this EPIC party!



  1. I can't catch the Bunny its super way fast! :(

  2. guys SHU is updating

  3. How you post on there that chloe?

  4. Where can you get bunny pets???

    PLs tell???

    1. I just discovered that the bunnies AREN'T on sale this year at the easter party! That means that heroes'll still just have to buy an EB games membership for the bunnies unfortunately!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D