New and Awesomeized GRAPHIC SHOP!!

UPDATE: SHU Fansite now has our OWN graphics page which you can visit HERE! All icons made by us will be featured there too, so DON'T FORGET to check it out, and vote on a name for our graphic shop TOO! :D

YOO HEROES! Lillia here,
SO, as you may (or may not) know, ChocolateCheats is opening a BRAND-NEW graphics shop for Space Heroes Universe! You can find it HERE! BASICALLY, Chocolate, me, Super Ann and Fizz are going to be creating Space Heroes Universe icons, banners, and what ever you need for a website or even profile pics for twitter or facebook! :D
BTW, I created this banner below: ;D
SO, feel free to contact us with all your graphic needs! DON'T FORGET to go HERE to find out how!

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