Did someone say MORE PARTIES??

HEY HEROES! Lillia here,
So there's been LOTS of heroes asking me to feature their parties on my blog! And I can now confirm, that I'm so totally WILL! I've created a page called 'Party of the Week', where you heroes can send in your most party-tastic and groovin' pics of parties, and I'll pic the best and feature it there, AND on the sidebar! Here's the current party of the week:

AAAND it doesn't just stop there, you can now HOST parties on the SHU Fansite too! Here's the first:
COOL HUH?! So remember, check out my 'Party of the Week' page HERE!!!! What are you waiting for? Have some fun, have a party with some friends and send in your amazing pics!

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  1. WoW!!! It will be a nice party!!!...I hope I will be able to make it this time because I have never been to one of your parties think :(!!! I will try my best this time......TeJ@S...:D...LoL


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