GAME TRICK: Ultimate Rainbow Gem

DID YOU KNOW... Huge Rainbow gems appear in Bubble Blaster Park! And it brings HUGE crowds of people, as you can see...
At first it begins with a sort of earthquake, and the ground shakes. Then, this huge gem appears out of the ground, containing just about EVERY type of gem possible! It shrinks every time you bubble it with your blaster, and it explodes around the 10th blast. It always appears in the same spot, and it is very rare. It comes about every 2 hours.
KEWL HUH?! If you wanna find more game tricks like this, then go HERE! Hope you enjoyed this! :D


  1. Hey!!! Do U know that the bubbble blaster park has changed... :D... TeJaS

    1. OH YEAH LOL! It sure has, and it's a WHOLE LOT COOLER B)


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