Epic New Updates Launching THIS WEEK

HEY HEROES! Lillia here,
I have some great news for your all... a MAJOR UPDATE is coming to SHU THIS week! What do YOU think they might be updating? I can almost say for sure that there'll be some SWEET looking new homepad furniture coming your way heroes! ;) Here's the tweet:
Comment what you think these updates might be!! :D GET EXCITED for some space-tastic new changes to Space Heroes Universe heroes! ~Lillia


  1. you can always trust the SHU Moderators to make space heroes universe bigger and better

    1. That's TOTALLY true timbo! If it wasn't for the mods, no WAY we'd have the chance to experience such an amazing virtual UNIVERSE like SHU ;)

    2. and what have they done now they have put a space heroes universe tv add down here in Melbourne XD anyone else see it from Sydney it was on channel 99


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D