Space Heroes Universe's 1st Year ANNIVERSARY!

YO YO GUYS, Lillia here, and this is a MAJOR time to celebrate! Because it's officially SHU's FIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY (or as some people like to call it... ANNIVERSARY!- whatever works best! xD)
I have to say, the first year has been AMAZING!! I've made SO many awesome friends and had so many epic experiences, like the ChocCheats Party and meeting the mods and heroes in laser tag! SHU is always becoming better and better, so I'm SUPER excited to see what next year has in store! To join in the celebration, 
Comment what YOUR favourite moment on SHU was this year!
I've painted this for SHU's first birthday too!! AND some of my other friends are creating some epic fanart for the occasion, which I'll add soon! :D
Dont forget to comment! xP


  1. mine is meeting new friends and getting a glow

  2. mine is whn i meant lots of new friends and the best momment is whn i becomed a member,LOLZ!

  3. How many favourite experiences am I allowed to put in this comment?!?!
    Lolz, I'll pick ONE!!

    My fave moment of the year was back on March 17th when I DISCOVERED Little Space Heroes (Space Heroes Universe) coz if I hadn't have checked Chrisdog's site that day, I wouldn't be where I am now!

  4. Hmmm so many great moments to choose from um my favourite 2 moments were when I got my purple jacket and when I became hero of the week. XD

  5. becoming a member and getting pets and friends

  6. I hadn't found SHU yet this time! I'm very glad I have found SHU


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D