Jetpack Jinx App released onto the Itunes Store!

YOO HEROES, Lillia here, and I've got some super exciting news for you all
If you don't know about Jetpack Jinx, it's a game app that Bubblegum Interactive created (founders of SHU)  AND it's been officially released onto the itunes store, avaliable for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! 
KEWL HUH? It's totally free, and if you haven't downloaded it yet, here's a few pics of what you're missing out on! (Click to enlarge) 

I've played it myself, and there's one word for it: JINXTASTIC!! It's super fun and it gives you a good challenge, though it CAN be sorta hard to control sometimes, it's FAR from boring! So basically, give it a try and tell us what YOU think in the comments! ~Lillia

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