LAST day of the Membership Comp!

HEY GUYS, if you want to win a FREE 6 month membership for Space Heroes Universe, LISTEN UP! All you have to do, is create some SHU fanart (drawn, painted, or even done on a computer paint program), take a picture of it/scan it and send it to ''!
Update: Competition has finished ~15th December 2012
DON'T FORGET to include your hero's USERNAME and the name of your hero, also what country you're from in the email (so that the membership code will work where you're from) SO, here's a picture of the card you'll receive if you win!
This is an AUSTRALIAN competition, but anyone can enter for the second prize: 2,000 virtual coins, so enter anyway! Besides your country might have an acception! IF YOU'RE NOT AUSTRALIAN, these might be the ones for you:
U.S. Players:
New Zealand players:


  1. im going to enter it and i just sended it to you guys

    1. Awesome thanks yona! I'll get choc to check it out :D

    2. Ok Lillia,and thnx!

  2. IM from phlippines if im enter to compition i will get game cards


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