Earn a free 2000 COINS in SHU... HERE'S HOW!

For all who didn't know, ChocolateCheats is hosting a membership competition for Australians! (Click HERE to find more about it) And, we've made a NEW decision... now, ANYONE and EVERYONE around the globe can enter fan art for a chance to win 2000 COINS!

All you gotta do is, make some Space Heroes fan art, scan it or take a picture of it and attach it to an email to 'spaceherochocolate@gmail.com'!! This can be ANYTHING, like a painting, drawing, or even an artwork you've done in a paint program on the computer! Here's some examples: (CREDIT TO STAR AND CHOCOLATE)

REMEMBER, the competition ends on the 15th of December! ANYONE can enter this competition! Click HERE for the main post on Chocolate Cheats :)

SO, what are you waiting for?! GET UR CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING and draw some fanart! ~Lillia xD

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