CHRISTMAS Party on SHU Coming Soon!

HEY GUYS... Lillia here!
Are you totally up for some Christmas Spirit? Well, I SURE AM! Checking out the SHU Official twitter, I found THIS...
I'm guessing this means the SHU team are planning the Christmas party, and I totally can't wait! Each party gets BETTER and BETTER! Just look at the Super Hero and Halloween party for proof! I think there might be a virtual Santa or reindeer .. Well, it's the first of December (OMG), and almost everyone is getting their 'Christmas feeling' on! Check out this AMAZING Xmas artwork by STAR:
How COOL does that look?! There's been some serious artistic skill at work here folks! If you want to see more awesome artwork like this, (I SURE WOULD) then click HERE for the Fanart page! :D
What do you think the Christmas Party will be like? I sure can't wait! :D ~Lillia

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Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D