HEY HEROES! Lillia Here
If you've seen my previous post of the xmas party sneak peek, well now you can actually EXPERIENCE it for yourself, because the party has been OFFICIALLY RELEASED TODAY! So go online and join in with the xmas spirit! It's looking AMAZING! Here's some proof:
The homepage:
Here's the plaza and coast:

AND what I think is my FAVOURITE bit of the christmas party, you can turn people into SNOWMAN by using your blaster to shoot snowballs at them! ALSO for some reason it makes some people invisible... try 'SPOT THE SNOWMAN'!

Just click THIS button above your bubble blaster:

The super awesome FESTIVE FURNITURE!

DON'T FORGET to buy your friends the new BFF gifts too!!
 ENJOY ALL THESE XMAS GOODIES! Comment what YOU think of these epic new updates! :D 

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