Epic December Updates

YO guys! Lillia here, and have I got some epic updates for YOU!
First of all, if you loved Fantage, you'll love this new update! You can now gain LEVELS on SHU, soon to be added with prizes! Personally, I think you level up by getting lots of stamps and becoming a member!
With these levels comes EPIC TROPHIES!! Check out your home pad, then your INVENTORY to check these out!

ALSO you get rewarded with MEDALS the more times you log in! (Discovered by Chocolate) Here's my stampbook:

 And you'll love these... Astros Pizza has gotten rid of the salad and all that healthy stuff and replaced it with PIZZA!! YAY! You can now also 'HOLD' the food you order too! Now for a little game of 'Spot the Update'... 

ALSO, you can now FEED YOUR GLOW! Of course, the more you feed it, the lower your 'gem count' gets! And last but not least, the login page has changed! And it looks AWESOME 
Hope you enjoyed the post!~Lillia


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    1. AW thanks polly! xD YOU'RE AWESOME

  2. It kinda weird when you serve people and you get coins back you get ripped off my 1 coin!!!!!
    not that thats a big issue but just putting it out there. XD


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