5th Promo Code!

HEYA HEROES! Lillia here,
So, this is a BIT late, but the new 5th day promo code for the 12 days of Christmas is 'THEGALAXY'! So use it fast, because it'll only last for the rest of the day! HERE'S the awesome stuff you win: This time you get a whopping 3,000 coins AND a mini festive tree! EPIC!
REMEMBER, if you wanna experience these goodies for yourself, log online to SHU and enter the code NOW!! :D HAVE FUN HEROES ~Lillia


  1. Joyful and Holidays makes Happy Heroes in the Galaxy :O

  2. Replies
    1. SOZ, they're expired now! See the 'Promo Codes' page for more info!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D