Jetpack Jinx CAKE?!

Heya all you epic heroes out there! Lillia here!
I just saw this on twitter, and it sure looks PREE'Y COOL! So I decided to share it with you all...
Yep, it's a cake JETPACK JINX STYLE! Wow sure looks delicious hey! The moderators got to taste it first hand xD AND linking back, remember to install this on the 'Google App Store' or your android device, and it's been confirmed that in a few weeks it'll be up for grabs on the Apple Store (and no, not your local supermarket, the Ipad and Ipod touch sorta store!) Install it here from the Google store TODAY!!

This is an epic 'POWER-UP' pic of the game!!
Now, does that look COOL, or does it look COOL!!
Hope you enjoyed the post~ Lillia


  1. Coincedently, it was electronics game day-someone brought a tablet so I told them about Jetpack Jinx. It would be awesome if more people played it!

  2. WOW! Not only does that look delish' but it looks sooo realistic! LOVE IT!


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