Family Friendly Game Review

So, if you're new to the game, OR you really wanna start playing but you're parents aren't too sure if it's 'SAFE' to play or not, I have the PERFECT post for you! This AWESOME website reviews loads of games, and Space Heroes Universe is one of the lucky ones to get reviewed! Here it is:
FIRST UP: The overall rating was 94 PERCENT!! That's SUPER impressive, thought personally I would have given it a 100% score :D They also gave it a KID FRIENDLY and TWEEN FRIENDLY rating!

AND, best of all, they've got an AWESOME list of highlights for the game, and NO lowlights listed :D
- All players can have pets in addition to Glows, giving kids another option for customization.
- Parents will love how many of the game’s mini-games are inspired by familiar video-game favorites, like Asteroids.
- We love the many options available for safe chat – there’s an extensive list of pre-selected phrases.

GO HERE to check out their review on the official website! ALSO, we'd LOVE it if you comment your thoughts on it ;) AND don't forget to check out the pics... I'M IN THEM!! :D ~Lillia


  1. Hey amazing heroes make sure you enter!

    1. OH YEAH Lolz forgot to put that in! ;D AND compared to all the OTHER scores, this is THE BEST! One of club penguins games scored LOWER!!- 80% LOL they're in for some serious competition now


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