Shout Out to the LSH Moderators!

Hey guys, I just wanna have a BIG SHOUT OUT to all those Little Space Heroes Moderators who have made this AWESOME virtual world possible, and to keep all us hero fans informed about expansions and SWEET new updates with the fan club, twitter, and Facebook! They're always making sure we have LOTS of fun online, and I know I've sure had some AMAZING times with new-found BFFs on LSH that wouldn't be possible without the awesome Little Space Heroes team, and BGI :D I bet you can't imagine a time when they've been anything but happy and excited to be hanging out with you heroes online! xD AND here's a little something from the heroes online for the LSH Mod Ari, who've been partying like CRAZY lately! 

WOOT WOOT! You guys ROCK! xD ~Lillia


  1. Awwww! All you heroes are so awesome! I'm leaking happy tears of slimey green goo out of my alien eyes :D

  2. LOL thx Ari! You're SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPEALADOCIOUS!! And yep, that's a serious lot of awesomeness xD


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