October Website Theme Vote

HEY GUYS, Chocolate from Chocolatecheats.weebly.com has created a new Website theme for her Little Space Heroes Blog, and it's for Halloween! Yep that's right folks, Halloween is coming up, and we are totally getting that SPOOKY feeling coming on.

Chocolate is having a vote for her new Website Banner, for an Alien Costume, Fizzablista. Here's a pic.
What sort of SPOOKY outfit should Chocolate dress Fizzablista in the header? HERE'S THE VOTES (I think the WAFFLE idea is genius!!)

Witch: 1
Zombie: 2
Waffle: 6
~Voted by yours truly ;)
Vampire: 3
6/10/12: HEY GUYS! The voting has finished, and GUESS WHAT! The WAFFLE vote won! Go to Chocolate Cheats to check it out, because there's been some SERIOUS artistic skill at work here folks! :D

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  1. aliens could dress up in zombie costume.atom


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