LSH Finalist in the GRAPHICS Animation Comp!

So I was just casually checking out Little Space Heroes' Facebook and Twitter, and found out that they had entered a Sydney Opera House Graphics Competition! Not only that, but they're FINALISTS in the 'Space Heroes Cartoon Trailer'! Good luck LSH for winning this amazing award! xD
So what are you waiting for? Check out this AWESOME video now, and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!
Here's how you're page SHOULD look like to find the video: (Credit to chocolate for this pic idea)

~Go to 'Custom', then click 'Vote' and scroll through the videos until you see one with a picture of SHADOWBOT! :D It's kinda complicated to find 

Hope you enjoyed the post!~Lillia


  1. I wanna vote for LSH, but I can't find the video!!
    WHERE IS IT!!!!???

    1. ERR LOL I COULDN'T FIND IT EITHER but I posted it anyway cus I thought it was my bad direction skills, besides It was on facebook and twitter ANYWAYZ... I think I'm gonna have to put this post on pause till I sort this out :/


    you have to make sure to click 'custom' and then search for 'space heroes'. You can vote once a day!


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D