GAME HINT: The Ultimate Starjet Trick

That there's another starjet trick that isn't used by pressing the starjet-trick button? (Founded by Super Ann)And this is a new trick that both non-members and members can use, that's not in the starjet catalog. All you have to do is CLICK, and DRAG your starjet in circles which will form arrows. You need to create a pattern like this.
Let go of your mouse, and watch and behold, your starjet spinning in tiny circles and creating sparkles from the rocket-engines! It's a super fun new trick that you can teach to your friends and showoff your new-found starjet skills! 


  1. CREDITS TO SUPER ANN FOR THIS!! I bet theres HEAPS more cool tricks that the LSH team want us to discover!! xD Comment if you know any more ;)

  2. I dont under stand how to do this.....


Thanks for commenting Space Hero :D