The Green Jacket Squad

Hey Heroes! Have you been wondering where all these Green Jackets (Bomber Jackets) have been coming from, since they aren't a member item or in any catalogs, they used to be in a Promotional Code called 'Big Pond Games' which no longer accesses you to this awesome item! It used to, but now only currently gives coins. Also, all the beta's of the game have it! (A Game Tester) BUT... there is now a NEW WAY to get this jacket! Through a NEW-HERO PROMO CODE! In short form here's how: (go HERE for more information)

1. Create a new hero
2. Log on, then OFF
3. it'll give you a promo code when you log off
4. ENTER the promo code at the academy you'll get it! If you didn't receive one, repeat steps 2-3 as there is more than ONE promotional code each time you log off.
So for all those who wonder 'How do I get a Green Jacket?' Now you know, IT'S POSSIBLE!
Thanks for reading! ~Lillia


  1. Lillia why is there a elephant on your lap ???

    1. LOL guess I'm really comfortable!! JKS

  2. Can u post when the green jacket comes back thx

  3. Lol I am GeronimoSti. I have that already and I d'dint get purple jacket. Lol this is really bad I hope moderators sees that I am helping a lot of heroes.

  4. I Have One It Means You Are In A Waffle Pie Team!


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