Chrisdog's Hero Party 2012

Chrisdog93 is a VERY famous Club Penguin blogger who hosted about 5 parties on the Space Heroes Universe! This was back when the 'Party List' didn't exist, and the mods had to organize all the parties, SO it's unlikely he'll host another party for a while!
1st Party: 17th March 2012
2nd Party: 24th March 2012
3rd Party: 31st March 2012
4th Party: 4th April 2012
5th Party: 21st April 2012

AND at all these parties, you earned a 'Chrisdog Party Pin'! He also held competitions, one I remember being 'What's the store called where you buy pets from' Though those probably aren't his exact words. In fact, I won a brown Party Pupki from him! (you were rewarded with purple jackets, NOW only for 'Super Heroes', free membership, and brown pupki's if you were the first to answer his questions)

Here's a pic of one of the Brown Party Pupki's you win!

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