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If your contacting us for advice or having a bullying problem on Space Heroes Universe, please click HERE for the contact form on the Space Heroes site or email them using this address:

If you do end up in a bullying situation in Space Heroes Universe, there are a couple ways you can solve this issue.
Report the hero to a moderator, or send feedback about that certain person, with details like ‘Princess said this bad word at 8:14 in the morning’. They will then be investigated by a moderator, and this may involve in possible suspension
NOTE: Moderators supervise the game 24/7, and there are lots of moderators who come online every day to watch out for bad behavior!

Ignore the hero: This will stop you from seeing the hero and their messages, and the hero you ignored won’t be able to see you either! Ignore a hero by clicking this button:
Don’t worry, you can always un-ignore them through the ignore list here:

Tell someone! You could tell a moderator through feedback (recommended) or contact them through the email above! You could also tell a team member of the Purple Jacket Squad, because this is what we specialize in. If all else fails, tell a parent for their advice!
NOTE: Don’t start being rude to the bully back. This makes the situation worse, and also it makes YOU the bully. If you didn’t like being bullied yourself, then don’t do it to others!

Stand up for yourself. You need to know the difference between what’s right way to act, and the bad. This requires a lot of courage. You need to tell your bully that it’s not right, and that what they’re doing is making you feel hurt or sad.

What NOT to do:
Bullying can also be targeted at people through the social media like Facebook, twitter, my space, Xat Chats and even YouTube, that’s why it’s VERY IMPORTANT for you heroes NEVER to share your details with anyone! This includes account details, real names, and emails that they can contact you with. It is for complete safety.

Remember, you can always contact the moderators through the email above to let the moderators of Space Heroes Universe know about any bullying behavior and put a stop to it, or even ask for advice. We will try to help you as MUCH as we can!


  1. bff how to make a post comment it clearly so i can understand pls :) love izeeh

    1. Lol that's REALLY hard to explain on a comment.
      first, you gotta make a website, and if your using blogger, then you gotta sign up for an account in blogger. Then actually create the website. THEN you'll be able to post on it :D
      Lol KINDA HARD to say on here :/

    2. good to know tht u will help lils

    3. i really like your leaf suit lilllia it makes everything look nice on u

  2. Well.... theres another hero name Dark Donkey :l

    1. LOl Dark Donkey i should call him dark the bark

    2. YO SAM! ITS ME SILVERON! hi bro! XD

    3. in loving memory of silveron. this hero died may 14 2013 at the age of 14 his real name was jake

  3. Hello I'm voilet on shu anyone talking?

  4. Hi Lillia, it's me Sky. I just want to say that I will miss you and everyone else when I leave to another game. I also want to tell you that I quit SHU because I been bullied by a lot of people like Kena and Dark. I also get upset when my friends fight. I couldn't handle this bullying or fighting thing anymore. So I decided to leave for good :( And I am not saying its anyone's fault, but it was mine. And again, I will miss you and everyone, and mostly Amy.

    Love Sky

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